Info for Freeware on CD

Clip2Gif - OS8-9 classic tiny app to batch convert PICT files (Command-shift-4) into GIFS, JPEGS
GIFfun (750k) - build your own animated Gifs
FireFox 1.0.2(8.7mb) - OSX - good browser alternative to IE
Opera v 7.54u1 (4mB) Web Browser for OSX- very fast, nice data features
Opera v 6.03 - Web Browser for OS8-9
IE v1.5 install - Internet Explorer for Mac OS8-9
IE v5.2.3 install - Internet Explorer for Mac OSX
MenuMeters v1.2 (354k) -OSX - network monitoring tools
Eric's Solitaire - solitaire for OS7-8-9 - the classic game
MacSolitaire 1.6 (414k) - OSX - the classic game w/ sounds
PixelNhance 1.5.8 (4mb) - OSX - nifty image enhancement tool - easy to use
FM Egg Timer 1.2 (84k) - OS7-8-9 - control strip module w/ helpful timer sounds
Gauges Folder - OS7-8-9 tiny apps to check various Mac functions- find most of these free downloads at TuCows
—Cache-22 - measures cache sizes, speeds on CPU
—Clockometer - check clock speed of CPU
—Gauge Pro - checks various Mac innards
—MacOS Purge - reorders recent memory allotments
—MemMapper - shows various memory allotments of CPU
—RAMometer - tests RAM speed, size
—PRAM Inspector - see actual info stored on your PRAM