How To

Make Custom Icons for Files and Folders

1. Make or copy an image, artwork or design for your new icon.

2. An easy way to do this is by using COMMAND+SHIFT+4 keys to capture a picture.

3. The captured picture will appear on your Desktop as a PNG file (in OSX).

4. Press COMMAND+A to select all, press COMMAND+C to copy the selection. This puts a copy of your selection on the temporary Clipboard (see Edit > Show Clipboard).

5. Select an icon of a file, folder or hard drive by single-clicking on it.

6. Go to File > Get info.

7. When the Info box opens, single-click on the current icon at the top left of the box.

8. Paste your new icon image by pressing COMMAND+V (or Edit > Paste).

9. Close all windows. Your new icon should be visible.

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