How To

Create a Disk Image 'Safe' with Disk Utility

Create a portable and secure SAFE for your important documents and information. The resulting .dmg can be easly copied to other drives such as a USB stick.

1. Open Disk Utility (HD > Applications > Utilities)

2. Click on the 'New Image' icon at top of DU window.

3. Give your blank .dmg a name (i.e. My Safe), a size, encryption and format (a 'sparse' disk image will shrink to use only space needed for data). Save it to the Desktop.

4. The 'Authenticate' window will open. Enter your desired password for the Safe. For maximum security, do not check the box to add to Keychain. Click OK.

5. Your new .dmg 'SAFE' will appear and open. Drag your important docs into it. Then eject the disk image (Command-E). This will lock your .dmg SAFE. It can be copied, duplicated or e-mailed for secure backup.

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