How to Reset Your Login Mac Password


If you have forgotten your computer's login password and cannot access your Mac, there is an easy way to reset it.

You will need an OSX Installer Disk. You may have to use an older version since the latest installers are downloaded directly from the internet. For example, a 10.6 Snow Leopard Disc can be used to reset the login Password to a Mac currently running High Sierra - the old OS system will not be installed- we will only use the Utilities feature of the install disk to reset the forgotten password.

Here's how:

1. At the login screen of your locked computer, insert the Installer Disk into your Mac (or use an external drive plugged into your computer) and then Restart.

2. As your Mac chimes, hold down the Option key until you see the bootup disks available.

3. Select the Install Disk and continue bootup until you see the MacOS Installer screen with menu at top. Select Utilities > Reset Password

5. Select the Volume and User Account for which you wish to Reset the password. Enter your new password twice. Save.

6. Quit Mac OS X Installer and restart your Mac to try out your new login password.


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