How To

Remote Control Your Mac With LogMeIn Free

Hammondsport Mac Users Group Monday, May 17, 2010 - demo notes

1. The version to be demonstrated is FREE to download and use.
      a. Download LogMeIn Free Version <>
      b. Features of LogMeIn Free <>
      c. Support for LogMeIn Free Version <>
      d. News about LogMeIn <>

2. Works with both Macs and PCs.

3. The connection is very secure (https). Two higher levels of security are optional:
      a. A one-time login password sent to your e-mail at log-in.
      b. A printable list of one-time passwords sent to your e-mail address.

4. An account is easy to set up in a few minutes and will work immediately.
      a. Your user name will be an active e-mail account.
      b. Your LogMeIn password can be whatever you choose.
      c. Add the computer to which you will want to connect.
      d. You will need to submit the Admin and Password for that computer.

5. Both computers must be using LogMeIn to connect.
      a. The host (remote) computer must have LogMeIn switched on.
      b. On the access computer, you must log in to your on-line account.
      c. The access computer does not require any LogMeIn software to be installed.
      d. A Java plug-in speeds up Safari on a Mac access computer.

6. It is possible to wake up the remote Mac from sleep mode.
      a. For older Macs with internal dial-up modems, it is possible to use a single phone ring to wake from sleep.

7. Macs will connect through wireless AirPort base stations, as well as ethernet cable.

8. Firefox seemed to work more dependably than Safari, at least with older iBook G3 and TiBook G4.