How To

Create a Simple Webpage with HTML in OS 9

1. Open a new document in Simpletext.

2. Save new document to your desktop as webpage1. html

3. Type the following Basic Tags on the blank page:


4. After the opening tag <title> type My SimpleWebpage

5. After the opening <body> tag, type This is my simple webpage using HTML. Save (Command+S)

6. To preview your work, open a browser window (such as Internet Explorer or Netscape). You do not need to be online to preview webpage.

7. Adjust size of browser window so you can drag the Simpletext icon webpage1.html into the browser window. You should see the title My Simple Webpage at the very top of the browser window and the body text This is my simple webpage using HTML inside the browser window.

8. Go back into the Simpletext document and insert BGCOLOR=FFFF00 into the opening <body> tag. Click Save. It should look like this:


9. Go back into browser window and click Refresh. The webpage should now have a Yellow background.

10. Add a Horizontal Rule Line by typing <HR> between the opening and closing <body> tags.


11. Save. refresh and preview.

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