How to use JAlbum to make an instant website of images

1) Drag a folder full of images into the Main Image directory.

2) Check Output to image directory.

3) Adjust parameters desired and then click Make album.

4) Open folder of images to view new web files. You will find a folder of thumbs (tiny images), a folder called slides (reduced-size images), res (technical parmeters), and several html files labeled index, index-frame, index-frame2, etc.

5) Find the web file called index.html and click it to open in a browser.

6) Click on the various thumbnails to view the larger images.

7) Make necessary corrections and changes in original image names or parameters. Then simply click Make album again to quickly update the web pages.

8) Publish the entire folder to a server. Link to it by adding foldername/index.html to your server address.

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