How To

Set Up Skype on Your Mac

01 Download Skype (

-----a) Version 5.3 dmg (OSX 10.5.8 or later) --- 22.3mb

-----b) Version 2.8 dmg (OSX 10.4.11) --- 43.5mb

02 Open Skype dmg

03 Drag Skype folder into Applications folder

04 Eject Skype image and trash dmg.

05 Open Applications folder (Command-Shift-A)

06 Launch Skype and accept terms

07 Login screen - Enter your Skype name + password ---or---

08 Set up a new account by clicking on 'Don't have a Skype Name' (preview actual Skype forms)

09 Sign in to your account (you will hear a 'whoosh' sound when connected)

10 Edit Profile (suggestion: leave it blank and delete your e-mail address) - click 'Apply'

11 In Skype menu, select 'Preferences' - make necessary changes for maximum privacy

12 Skype Test Call

-----a) Click phone icon to call Skype

-----b) Listen to message / say something for test / listen to playback after a few seconds

13 Find a friend or relative who has a Skype account by clicking Add Contact, then search that name.

14. Add to Contacts, then call. That person needs to answer call and accept for connection to be completed.

15. If a camera is available, click the Video icon in dialog box to activate image.

16. To end a call, click the Red Phone to hang up.

Download PDF (68k)

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