How To

Add A POP Account to Mail

01 Open Mail application.
02 In General Information
---select Account Type (most are POP)
---Account Description (this word only shows in your Mail window)
---Full Name (will show up in your e-mails as From)
---E-mail Address (the POP3 e-mail for your online server)

03 In Incoming Mail Server box
---Type the POP server name (check at your website support link for exact wording.)
---Type your User Name (usually it is your POP3 e-mail address)
---Type the Password to your online account.
---Click Continue (if all is correct, the next box will appear-- if not, make corrections)

04 In Outgoing Mail Server box
---Type the SMTP server name (usually the same as incoming name)
---Check the Box by Use Authentication--type same name and password as before)
---Click Continue

05 If you get an error, make sure the correct Outgoing Mail Server is selected.

06 An Account summary will show up if all is OK and working.

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