How To

Connect 2 Macs Using Ethernet - OSX


1. Power up both Macs.



2. Connect the two Macs with a standard Ethernet cable (Cat5e) - the Ethernet port looks like a large telephone jack.


3. On each Mac go to the Apple menu > System Preferences and click Sharing. Note the computer name for each mac.



4. In the Sharing window, check 'File Sharing'. Add or delete folders you wish to share with others + permission levels. Typically users share files through their Public folder (HD>Users>User>Public) or Shared folder (HD>Users>Shared) but any folder or file can be made available by setting permissions

5. In the Finder on one of the computers, choose Go > “Connect to Server,” and then click Browse.


6. Other shared Mac servers will be shown - example 'iBook' - double-click to mount icon on desktop.


6. Double-click the other computer to view folders and files available to share (enter the username and password, if necessary).

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