How To

Connect 2 Macs Wirelessly - OSX


START: Power up both Macs and connect to the same wireless network

1. On each Mac, open System Preferences
2. Open Sharing
3. Unlock the Padlock if it is locked (Admin name and Password)

4. Enable File Sharing by checking the box (may take 15-30 seconds)

5. In the Desktop Menu, under Go, click on Connect to Server... at the bottom

6. In the Pop Up Window, click "Browse" to reveal any computers on your network

8. Double-click on the server computer you wish to share files with.
9. A server icon of the shared computer will appear on your desktop.


10. Double-click to reveal available files inside that can be copied to your computer by dragging.

11. To disconnect sharing, eject the server icon by dragging to Trash or press COM - E.

NOTE : This tutorial used 2010 MacBook Pro (OS10.6.8) and 2001 iBook G3 (OS10.4.11)

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