How To

Send Group E-mailings in OSX Mail

1. Open Address Book (found in Dock).


2. At bottom of Group column, click + to add a new group - name it.

3. Next click the 'All Contacts' group - drag a copy of each recipient into the new group folder you made. (Be sure to drag your own name into the group, as well).


4. Open Mail, click 'New Message' and then enter the New Group Name in the 'To' box.


5. Go to Mail > Preferences > Composing - be sure the box next to 'When sending to a group, show all member addresses' is checked.

6. Return to your new letter, finish as normal, then send.

7. You should get a copy back to verify the mailing went through. All addresses of the group should appear in the 'To " heading.


NOTE: If you prefer that all Group email addresses be hidden from each recipient, refer to How To send BCC (Blind Carbon Copies) Group Mail.

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