Past Meetings

07 - 22 - 2005

The Hammondsport MUG group resumed meeting after a brief hiatus. Attending were Tom B, Bob S, Jim P, John R and Joan R.

A demonstration of a WiFi (Wireless) network was given, using a PowerMac G4, iBook and a Toshiba PC laptop. All three computers were wireless and could connect to a dial-up ISP and HP DeskJet printer via an AirPort Extreme Base Station. The group explored eBay and also printed out documents.

A brief explanation of how to set up a base station with several computers was given via an LCD projector. See tutorial here. For those who like to see the innards of the AEBS, check out this site.

If anyone is using an older laptop (Mac or PC) which has a PCMCIA slot for a modem card, a great buy on eBay is the 56k 3Com Modem Card (Model 3CXM756) with XJACK connector. There is a slew of these currently selling for as little as $5.99 - a regular telephone line can be plugged directly into the modem. Download v.90 modem script for mac here and drop it into your modem scripts folder (System > Extensions > Modem Scripts Folder - restart).

Other Wi-Fi Tidbits

Free 'hotspots' for Wi-Fi computers are becoming more available in coffee shops, hotels and even McDonald's.Tourists visiting Corning, New York, can connect with a Mac or PC. See article here. Basic wireless hookup for mac is:
Open System Preferences and Select > Network Module > Airport Tab > Join Network with best signal.

JiWire WiFi Hotspot Finder is a cool free Widget for Tiger users. Find area Free and Pay WiFi spots in any city. Download here.

A recent news item on Yahoo News reported a man arrested for illegally accessing an unsecured Wi-Fi network which belonged to another person. Read more here. He was using a Pringles potato chip can and a coat hanger to pick up the signal! How could this be possible in this high tech age of security? Read how here. Or build a 'cantenna' to improve reception

A zippy alternative web browser for OS9 is WaMCom (Web and Mail Communicator). This is a modified version of Mozilla 1.3.1 - Free download (14.6mb) here.

Apple recently opened a retail store at East View Mall in Rochester. See website here.

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