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March 9, 2007

Seven Mac users attended: Tom B, Bob S, Nancy C, Joe Y, Jim P, Steve K, and Keith D.

Main topic: iPhoto

Bob gave a short but effective demonstration of how to use iPhoto's Red Eye feature to remove any unwanted red eye glow in your photographs.

Tom gave a demo of how to download images from a digital camera into iPhoto, as well as how to find your original images later. (Go to Hard Drive > Users > Home > Pictures > iPhoto Library > current year folder > newest folder > newest folder > Originals). These images can be duplicated (Command-D) and transferred elsewhere, but leave the originals in place.


Another aspect of iPhoto was how to organize your many photos into a variety of virtual folders called Albums. These are all shortcuts to the originals stored in the iPhoto Library. The edited and organized albums can then be viewed in a variety of ways, including a fullscreen Slideshow with musical accompaniment, e-mailing, ordering prints, burnng to a CD or DVD via a SuperDrive or external burner, or a published book, calendar or greeting card.

An iPhoto album may also be printed as a book purchased directly from Apple via the Order Book option. An example of a recently published iPhoto book was passed around at the meeting. It was very well done and makes a wonderful family album, souvenir or coffee table treasure.

A basic 10-page (20 surfaces) hardcover book printed by Apple costs $29 with a maximum of 6 images per page (60 per book). There are also other online book publishers (non-Apple) such as Lulu. (publish a single 100-page book for $7 - see prices).

Other topics of discussion:

PixelNhance - - another great freeware for quick, split-screen adjustments on photo color, contrast, saturation, etc. (download 3.9mb) - OSX only

WiFi - be sure to protect your home system with a password so neighbors and passers-by won't get free internet access without your permission. Some recent articles:

WiFi Turns into Criminal Hideout - Better turn on that encryption, grandma!

So Weirdly Wrong - Is it illegal to read a book by your neighbor's porch light?

Free WiFi on all NY State Thruway Plazas - as of Thursday, March 1, 2007

WiFi Net News - A great place to keep up to date on wireless news nationwide

PDF - various types and uses- all available at your fingertips - go to File > Print > select a PDF option (Note: PDF postscript is best quality)

Getting The Most Out of PDF in OSX - excellent article by Charles Moore:

Daylight Saving Time begins earlier this year - Sunday March 11, 2007 - see why here

Test your connection speed at - just click on the nearest city to start the test.

A recent study found three characteristics of people still using Dial Up Internet. They were:
1) Rural 2) Elderly 3) Contrary

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