Past Meetings

August 23, 2007


The Hammondsport MUG met in the Fred & Harriet Taylor Memorial Library from 7-9pm. Attending were Joe Y, Bob S, Tom B, Nancy C, Don H, Jerry L and Bob G.

Joe gave an excellent step-by-step presentation of how to set up a user account on eBay, followed by a demo of listing an item to sell. Many good tips, advice and suggestions were offered by various members of the group who have had experience buying or selling via the famous on-line auction business.

Last year eBay's 147 million registered users bought and sold over $34 billion in merchandise through the internet auction house.



Instant Spell Check - When typing a difficult word in TextEdit, Mail, Stickies etc, you can push Esc to instantly launch a Dictionary listing of possible spellings (even with a partial word). Just select the spelling you want and keep typing.

Prune the auto-complete list of e-mail addresses, especially if there is an outdated or incorrect address always popping up. In Mail, go to Window> Previous recipients. Then select the unwanted address and click Remove from list.

Reduce number of unnecessary languages running on your mac. Go to: Prefs> International> Languages> Edit. Then uncheck any languages not needed, click OK.

Great deals on Corel Painter X currently being auctioned on eBay. (Just search eBay for Corel Painter X Mac). These are brand new, sealed Install CDs going for $25 to $50 (retails for $300). These are being sold by a multitude of sellers. All include authentic registration license number and will work on any G4 or G5 running OSX (10.3.9 or higher). This software is great for creating Chrome-like Words as shown in an earlier demo by Tom.

Hyperlink URLs in TextEdit. See how here.


Next meeting: Monday September 17, 2007 at 10:30am
Agenda: How to use iPhoto to collect images, Photoshop Elements for editing, Pages for layout and Lulu for printing a book.

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