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August 15, 2008

Attending: Bill N, Robert S, Bob S, Deb S, Henri B, Diane B, Tom B.

Topic: How to Go Wireless in Your Home

Robert S, visiting from Texas, shared some spectacular images taken from the space shuttle by astronauts of the International Space Station orbiting the earth. Robert, a 1994 R.I.T. graduate majoring in scientific imaging, currently instructs astronauts on picture-taking for NASA.

He also showed us some of his own experiments (below) in panoramic photography, using a free application called Hugin - Panarama photo stitcher - Download (23.5mb) This software blends still pictures into a smooth mosaic. A QuickTime VR movie can be made from the mosaic by using GoCubic (PC only) - click under 'About GoCubic' to download. Mac users might try MakeCubic .

View larger mosaic image or more mosaic images of ISS

View larger image or QTVR movie (Note: use Shift or Control to Zoom In or Out)


Tom gave a step-by-step demo of how to configure an AirPort Extreme Base Station, as well as how to hook up a USB printer for sharing wirelessly.

AirPort Card (802.11b) - a WiFi card is needed in each computer for wireless connecting. Alternative AirPort-compatible cards available on eBay for under $35. Non-WiFi computers can be connected via the LAN Ethernet port.

eBay's Airport Base Station Model Guide - 5 models (old to new - Graphite, ABS Dual, AEBS, APExpress, AEBS 802.11n) - how to tell them apart and the specs for each. Did you know that the ABS Dual has an Apple 802.11b card inside?

AirPort Extreme Base Station (Model # A1034) - buy used on eBay $25-50.
• Snow White in color like the iBooks G3 & G4
• up to 50 users can share a single AEBS signal.
• 128-bit encryption, WPA
• WiFi 802.11g & backwards compatible with 802.11b
• Mac OS X 10.1 or higher - some features like WPA require minimum 10.3 or higher
3 different models are called "Airport Extreme Base Station"
---1. # M8930LL/A - two ethernet, one usb port
---2. # M8799LL/A - two ethernet, one sub port, one 56k modem port, external antenna connector
---3. # M9397LL/A - two ethernet, one sub port, one 56k modem port, external antenna connector, PoE (power over ethernet)

Apple Setup Guide for AEBS - PDF for detailed instructions (988k)

AEBS (A1034) Ports (see larger image)

Factory Default Reset - unplug AEBS, use paper clip to press and hold Reset button, repower while pressing reset for for 5 seconds until middle light flashes rapidly. (See detailed instruction on Soft, Hard and Factory Default resets for all Apple Airport Base Stations here).

USB Printer - can be plugged into the USB port of the AEBS to be shared wirelessly with up to 50 computers. Use the Printer Setup Utility (with Bonjour) to add a wireless printer to your network.

Watch a video tutorial Setting Up Your Wireless Network (Leopard)


Other stuff

Pronounced 'cool' - cuil is the latest internet search engine. Very, very fast!
[Update 9/2010: guess it wasn't that 'cool' - it's gone belly up]

Did you know that the name of this famous search engine is derived from the word googol which is said to have been coined in the1940's by the 9-year old nephew of mathematician E. Kastner, when asked by Kastner to decribe a big number? The actual number is 1 followed by 100 zeroes.


Next meeting: Friday, September 26, 2008

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