Past Meetings

December 15, 2008 - Hammondsport Mac Users Group


ATTENDING: Joe Y, Tom B, Jerry L, Jack H, Nancy C, Henry B, Diane B

Jerry gave a short demo of Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 ($89) using some of his pictures taken for his recent book of church windows.We learned that saving a photo as 'RAW' retains all the original data and every single pixel recorded, and is better than JPEG which compresses data and will deteriorate each time the image is duplicated. Free trial Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 for Mac - download (1.27GB)

Jerry also showed how to use some of the many features of the inexpensive Graphic Converter ($35), including the 'unskew' feature to make crooked windows look straight.

Tom demonstrated one of his favorite free apps called PixelNhance.

PhotoInfo is another free software which allows you to change or correct the hidden info contained in each picture file captured by a digital camera. If you forgot to preset the correct date in your camera, this application can help you correct the data later.

J'Album - convert a folder of photos into a complete website with thumbnails, small images and navigation bars, all with a few keystrokes and this free software. Tom prefers the earlier version 6.1 - also works great to batch convert a folder of large images to smaller sizes.


Other Discoveries

Use Preview to launch an instant slideshow of a folder of images

1 - Open folder, then select all pix in folder (Command-A)

2 - Right-click (Control-click) on one of the titles and choose 'Slideshow' from Menu.

3- Slow speed of slideshow by clicking Pause, then use direction arrows ->

4- Move translucent control panel of slideshow by click-holding on thin divider line

Repair your hard drive w/o OS CD - use SAFE MODE to boot up- takes longer than normal boot because it does a file check and repair of the hard drive. To do SAFE MODE startup, press POWER, then after chimes hold SHIFT key down until the log-in window appears.

Sort Safari Bookmarks - in 'Show All Bookmark's view, drag/copy folder to be sorted from Safari window onto Desktop. Select List View to alphabetize all. Drag folder back into Safari. Delete original unsorted folder.

Weather Phone - You can find out the weather by calling this free number.  It will give you the weather for the location you are calling from - or you can say a town, state or zip code and it will give weather for that place. Just call 1-800-555-TELL (1-800-555-8355). Then say "weather".  It will ask you to give a location or just wait and it will give your weather at current location.

1Password is an application to manage all your website passwords with one click. Read a review of 1Password. Download 16.3mb free trial ($39 to buy).

Remember - A funny video about the perils of getting a little older.


Next Meeting : Monday, January 19, 2009 -
Topic : Using Skype for free audio and video conferencing


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