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September 16, 2009 - Hammondsport Mac Users Group


ATTENDING: Tom B, Bob S, John D, Linda D.

Bob showed us some of his son's videos of the space shuttle and space station used for training NASA astronauts. John brought his recently-published 'Apple' book of beautiful photographs taken on his recent trip to Mexico. Tom shared some of his favorite Mac shortcuts and time-savers. Unfortunately, we ran out of time before all of them could be shared. He obviously didn't pick the best time-savers. : )

Command Shift 4 (the best reason to own a Mac) - capture any part of any picture or text on your desktop or website - the image is saved to the Desktop in OSX as a PNG but can be converted to JPG, GIF, TIFF, etc.
Command-Shift-4 then Spacebar - click to capture a picture of an active window (works great for live Skype)
Command-Shift-3 captures the entire Desktop, including top Menu and Dock
Command-Delete sends a selected icon directly to trash
Command-Shift-A to quickly open your Applications folder on Desktop
Command-P opens Print dialog (or drag file to Printer Icon for one print)
Command-A selects all files or text in window
Command-C copies all selected items
Command-V pastes copied items into new window or file
Command-Q to quit active Application
Command-E ejects a selected disc or disc image
Control click (same as Right click on mouse) launches contextual menu
Power button
, then Enter is the fastest way to properly shut down your mac

TIP: Keyboard shortcuts can be customized in System Prefs > Keyboard & Mouse

Command-Option-Esc force-quit an application caught in the Spinning Beach Ball loop
Command-Control-Power Button forces a reboot of your Mac laptop (the famous 3-finger salute)

Command - [ (left bracket) will return you to previous webpage
Command - i will open Mail with complete HTML of that site with active links
Command-Shift-i opens Mail with website link only
Command-Control-D pops up a dictionary for each word hovered over
Command-Option-D hides or unhides Dock
Command + (plus) increases size of font on webpage
Command - (minus) decreases font size on webpage
Spacebar causes webpage to scroll down exactly one full page

- - - Option click the 'flippy arrow' by a folder to expand it and all subfolders within
- - - Fast alias - while holding down Option-Command, click, hold and drag an original icon
- - - Double click to select a word- Triple click to select an entire sentence or paragraph
- - - F9 Key - press to see all current open windows
- - - Invert colors on screen Command-Option-Control-8 (System Prefs>Universal Access).
- - - Turn on Zoom effect: Command-Option-8 then zoom in/out: Command Option +/-
- - - Dock Pop-Up - drag a copy of a folder (such as Applications) to Dock - then click and hold on dock folder to launch a vertical column of all its content
- - - Enlarge or shrink the Dock by dragging the divider line left or right
- - - View a folder of Images side by side, full screen in Preview SlideShow - see how
- - - Print a Pocket-Sized Address Book - read how here
- - - Make a PDF of any image or file - just use PDF option found in Print dialog box

- tildes, acutes, umlauts, circumflexes, cedillas and other bad things said by cartoon characters are all hidden on your Mac keyboard. Just open any word processor (such as TextEdit) and give them a try. See charts here

MacTipster blog
MacLife Tip of the Day
Mac QuickTips (H'port MUG)

Office Live - create a free website for your business or group - need Firefox or IE to edit.
weebly - free website design and hosting - one of Time's 50 Best Websites of the Year
PDFLab - merge multiple PDF files, images and even parts of PDF files into a single PDF using this free application - OSX Tiger (download 3.3mb) . See screenshots and more info here.

Skype could shut down over legal dispute. Earlier this year, Skype filed a claim in London against Swedish company Joltid, which is controlled by Skype co-founders Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis. Skype has been owned by eBay since 2005 which paid $2.6 billion for it. (Read more)

Snow Leopard: 64-bit Reality What does 64-bit mean for the average user? For most home users, absolutely nothing. (Read more)

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