February 17, 2010 - Hammondsport Mac Users Group


ATTENDING: Tom B, Bob S, Jerry L, Larry T and John K.

NEWS :We discovered that a new MUG has recently formed in Wayland, NY, and we were glad to have two of their members attend our meeting today. The Wayland MUG will meet for the 2nd time on Monday, February 22 at 5:30pm at the Wayland Free Library. Larry shared some brochures from his favorite local Mac store near Victor (Mac-Ave). John demonstrated a cool way to make quick recordings using a tiny USB device called a RCA Digital Voice Recorder (sells for $30 at Amazon).

Demo: 1-Minute Website

Using TextEdit (the free word processor that comes with OS X) and basic HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), Tom gave a step-by-step demonstration of how to create a simple website from scratch. See his 1-minute website here. Another tutorial with pictures can be viewed here.

Basic HTML tags use 'chicken beaks' < > found on the mac keyboard next to the '?'key.
<title> </title>
<body> </body>

More HTML tags

Note: You can see the HTML for this webpage by going to top menu: View > View Source

Web Color

Hexadecimal Color Chart - 216 web-safe colors with six-digit RGB color codes for HTML websites.

HTML Color Picker (interactive) - quickly find hexadecimal codes with mouseover - very handy! TIP: Go to the w3shools website to find this tool, shrink your browser view to a small corner of your desktop when working w/ colors.

DigiColor Meter - found in every Mac OS in Utilities folder - mouse over a color to find exact color code


WYSIWYG Web Design Software - What You See Is What You Get)

Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 (Creative Suite $399) - one of the best professional softwares for web design - student/teacher/parent discounts here ($109) - older versions of Macromedia Dreamweaver MX also work well and can often be found on eBay. This H'port MUG website was designed using Dreamweaver (see note).

RapidWeaver - low cost WYSIWYG web design software for Mac - free trial / buy $89 - Mavericks or newer (163MB)

Apache - web design/server packaged with every mac OS (HD > Users > Home > Sites > Index)

SeaMonkey - free WYSIWYG html web editor and composer with browser - made by Mozilla - download (60MB)

KompoZer - free WYSIWYG html editor (16.8MB)

TextWrangler - is a handy free HTML editor (12.1mb) which shows html in a color-coded format. See a TextWrangler view of this page by clicking here.

Website Hosting

use Apple's iWeb (part of iLife suite-$79) to design your website. Then publish it to Apple's MobileMe at $99 per year - or through commercial FTP hosts such as MacHighway ($49.50/year with one year free Domain Name registration). Another place to register a domain name is Dotster.

Weebly - free website hosting and design. See HPORT MUG example.

- free website hosting and design

Microsoft Office Live - free website hosting and design (must use Firefox browser)

Handy Web Tools

CyberDuck - (OSX 10.5) free application to transfer web files to your FTP host. Older versions available here.

Easy iWeb Publisher - another free FTP application (561mb)

StatCounter - free code to track website activity, hits, etc.

Check availability and ownership of domain names at WhoIs.

Free on-line editable calendar for your website - see example of H'port MUG Calendar.

W3C Web Page Validator - copy your website address into this site to discover any HTML errors.

W3C Link Checker - free and easy on-line tool to find any broken links in your website.

Helpful Sites

w3schools - many tutorials on HTML, site building

Web Monkey - HTML cheat sheet and more


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