November 15, 2010 - Hammondsport Mac Users Group

ATTENDING: Tom B, Mike S, Bob S, Gene N and Jerry L

TOPIC: Custom Web Graphics

Tom showed several methods of making interesting custom graphics using free (or inexpensive) apps. The chrome 'Mac' above was made in Corel Painter X on a gray background (#CCCCCC), then captured via Com-Shift-4 as a PNG file. The freehand red letters were done via a Wacom Tablet with pen, then captured as a PNG with COM-Shift-4. The two PNG images were inserted into a two-column table on this web page using Dreamweaver. If you click-hold on one of these images, you can move it to your desktop.

-----Apple's Preview can be used to reduce the KB size of digital photos as well as alter colors and appearance for design and privacy purposes. Posterize a PNG image by selecting 'Save As' GIF. Another example of posterization.

-----PixelNhance is a free app that allows color enhancement, correction or creativity.

-----Use Jalbum or Graphic Converter to reduce a batch of photo files in a few seconds

-----Create alpha images with invisible background (see tutorial at MacFixit)

-----TextEdit - use this Apple app to match background color for cut & paste images.

-----Digital Color Meter - use this Apple Utility to determine hexadecimal color of any pixel.

----Colorpicker window - interactve website - also Hexadecimal Color Chart is handy

-----Pencil - free app to create pressure-sensitive line drawings with a Wacom Tablet and pen.

-----Corel Painter X - download a free trial version here or search eBay for an install CD (under $40). See some samples made by Tom using Painter X here and here. The chrome 'Mac' at the top of this page was made with Painter X. View the settings here.

-----AppleWorks - the old workhorse OSX app still available here for $49. Open photos in Drawing or Paint windows to add words, embellishments and modifications. See examples here , here and here.

----- Add free mac fonts to your system.

KB SHORTCUT - Hold Option-Command while dragging an App icon onto Preview -this will reveal all icons in application of various sizes
KB SHORTCUT - Command-Shift-4 - turns cursor into crosshairs to capture any part of page
KB SHORTCUT - Command-Shift-4 - then Spacebar captures entire window with frame - great for tutorials.

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