September 23, 2013 - Hammondsport Mac Users Group

ATTENDING: Tom B, Gene N, Jerry L, Jan S, Nancy B and Emily S.


A variety of questions, topics and comments were shared at the meeting.

Q - A recent e-mail notification from Apple to previous users of MobileMe states that the complimentary 20 GB of storage space in the iCloud account will expire on September 30, 2013. What does this mean?

  • A - If you are currently using more than the free 5 GB that comes with your free iCloud account, then you should either copy your files to another storage drive or upgrade your iCloud account (see more info here)

Q - What exactly is iCloud? Dropbox? Carbonite?

  • A - Rented (or free) space on a hard drive (somewhere) that permits you to store files for easy access and safe keeping.

Q - Is my WiFi signal secure from neighbors?

Q - Is the security on my iPad the same as my regular computer?

  • A - Yes, basically - enable Auto log-out and require password log-in - use secure websites for transactions involving personal info or credit card data (look for https and padlock icon when using web browser)

Q - Where is Mud Lake?

  • A - Lamoka Lake (lamoka means mud)

Q - I can no longer access my Yahoo Mail account - the password doesn't work. What should I do?

  • A - It's possibly been hacked - it has happened to quite a few people lately - see some tips.

Q - How can I close or permanently delete an account such as Yahoo Mail or Netflix?

  • A - Each has different procedures - some cannot be deleted - see site JustDeleteMe for details.

Q - What is a thumbdrive and how do I use it?

  • A - Inexpensive USB device with various storage sizes (64 MB to 32 GB)

Q - Can I add a USB port to my iPad?

  • A - Yes - buy an adapter for your specific iPad or iPad Mini to plug in thumbdrives, cameras, etc.

Q - How can I share files and photos with classmates at a class reunion?

  • A - You can burn CDs on most modern Macs by right-clicking on the folder of data you want to share - this will open a dialog box with the option to 'Burn to Disc' - insert a blank Read-only CD (cheap)
  • A - Copy files to inexpensive USB thumbdrives and distribute
  • A - Create a website online at places such as Shutterfly for instant uploading/downloading and sharing with friends and classmates.

Q - How can I print paper photographs of my digital photos?

  • A - Take the jpg files on a thumbdrive to a local store (Walgreens, Rite Aid, etc) - print your own photos for very little cost - don't waste time and ink using your InkJet or Laser printer.

Q - Can I print documents using only black ink?

  • A - Yes. Also you can create your own custom settings for lesser ink usage.

Q - What is Bing?

  • A - It's a free search engine from Microsoft which displays a new beautiful picture each day - search prefs can be customized to a certain degree - you can make it your homepage in Safari Prefs.

Q - Why does my MacBook Pro take a long time to wake up sometimes?

  • A - We don't know



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