October 5 , 2015 - Hammondsport Mac Users Group

ATTENDING : Tom B, Gene N, Larry T, John M and Nancy D.

TOPIC : Q + A (1)

Though our group was small (Tom forgot to send out the e-mail reminders), the discussions were interesting and varied, ranging from questions about the new OS X 10.10 'El Capitan' to the amazing keyboard shortcuts that Gene keeps finding.


After upgrading to iOS 9 on my iPhone, I discovered that my log-in thumb print was of the wrong hand to be convenient - is there some way to change this?

You can add + more fingerprints in Settings.


How can I keep the Ghostery pop-up window from hiding some of my display while browsing the web?

You can simply click on the pop-up window to make it disappear or wait a few seconds for it to vanish automatically.


How can I view the photos stored on my iPhone on my TV screen?

Use the AirPlay feature on your iPhone to wirelessly connect your iPhone to your digital TV via Apple TV - see step-by-step tutorial.


Is there a way that I can turn my laptop into a home security system?

One inexpensive solution is an application called EvoCam - here is what you will need :

  • 1 Mac or PC
  • 2 Webcam - any camera that works with QuickTime (built-in iSight, USB or FireWire)
  • 3 Software - EvoCam4 - $30 (free 15 day trial)


What are some good keyboard shortcuts for selecting a word or sentence to copy, edit or delete?

KB shortcut: Click 1x 2x 3x


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