November 2 , 2015 - Hammondsport Mac Users Group

ATTENDING : Tom B, Gene N, Dottie E, Larry T, John M, Russ C, Joe Y and Al J.

TOPIC : Q + A (2)

Some questions that came up in discussion were:


How can I tell how many applications are currently running on my Mac?

The easiest way is to look for the dot of light under the icons in the dock.

How can I prevent unwanted apps from launching automatically when I log-in?

Go to System Preferences > Users and Groups (Accounts) - then click on 'Login Items' - you may see items such as iTunes Helper, Skype, etc. There is really no app that needs to launch at login except as a convenience for you. To remove an unwanted Login item, select it, then click the minus ( - ) sign below. To add an item, click the plus ( + ) sign and then find the app to be launched at login. You can also add an item in the Dock by right-clicking on it and then click 'Open at Login' in Options.

What is the purpose of an application called Caffeine?

Caffeine is a free application which is very useful for keeping your computer from going to Sleep or Logging out, especially when you are away from your computer while downloading a large file or running a time-intensive process such as cloning. Simply click the coffee cup icon = in the Menu bar to keep your Mac awake.

Note: An additonal step to prevent auto logout is to open a TextEdit document, click Save As - then leave it without clicking Save.

Isn't there an option to 'securely' empty the Trash?

Yes - this option can be selected by going to Desktop Finder and clicking 'Secure Empty Trash' - to make this option permanent, go to Finder Preferences > click Advanced Tab - then select 'Empty Trash securely'

Can I create an Apple ID without using a credit card or other payment method?

Yes - go to Apple website here to read how - create a new (or even a 2nd) Apple I.D. here - read more frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding Apple I.D. here.

How can I be sure my hard drive is completely erased when I sell my old computer?

Use Disk Utility (found in the Utilities folder) to do a Secure Erase (see Secure Erase Options) - you will need to boot up from your Install DVD or an external HD to erase the internal HD - or use a 2nd computer via the Target Mode.

When I am traveling and need to access my e-mail or other accounts from a different computer, I cannot always remember all my passwords - and sometimes I get blocked for 24 hours. What should I do?

If you use 1Password or KeyChain to store your passwords at home, you could copy and paste them to a TextEdit document and then lock them in a secure Disk Image. This image can be emailed to yourself or kept in a USB flash drive for easy retrieval while traveling.

On my log-in screen, there is a picture of a basketball by my account. How do I change it?

Go to Systems Prefs > Users and Groups (Accounts) - click on the icon by your account name - then select a different picture (see how)

NEXT MEETING - We will not meet again until next year - probably first Monday in February.


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