May 1, 2017 - Hammondsport Mac Users Group

ATTENDING : Tom B, Nancy D, Russ C, John M and Al J.


Happy May Day !




Al recommended using an App called PowerPhotos made by Fat Cat Software to organize your Mac's photo libraries


Tom mentioned that he had finally upgraded his MBPro from Snow Leopard to Sierra, even though it meant giving up some old favorite apps from the PowerPC days. He now uses the free OpenOffice to create powerpoint presentations and a newer version of Adobe DreamWeaver (CS4) to design and maintain his websites.

10.12 Sierra
10.11 El Capitan
10.10 Yosemite
10.9  Maverick
10.8  Mt. Lion
10.7  Lion
10.6  Snow Leopard


Roaring Apps - is a great website to preview/ review compatibilities of various OS operating systems with different applications available.

Example of Sierra and Dreamweaver CS4 compatibility



How to Turn Off ''Automatically Correct Spelling' for all Text apps on your Mac (such as Mail, Pages, TextEdit, etc):

Go to System Prefs> Keyboard>Text - uncheck ‘Correct spelling automatically’

Note: Auto Spell Check can be turned on for individual apps by going to that App's Preferences>Edit>Spelling and grammar>Check spelling while typing


How to create a new Gmail account in 3 easy steps



NEXT MEETING - June 5, 2017 - 10:30am - Robinson Room

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