December 4, 2017 - Hammondsport Mac Users Group

ATTENDING : Tom B, John M, Al J, Russ C and Joe Y.



Find Lost Cursor Fast - auto enlarge the cursor by rapidly brushing one finger on trackpad - also you can shake the mouse pointer quickly for same effect - OSX 10.11 and up - System Prefs > Accessibility > Display

Picture Within Picture - right click on any video playing in a web browser to open a contextual menu; then select 'picture in picture' option - video will continue playing in small window on your desktop (see example)

Quick-Lock Display Screen - COMMAND-CONTROL-Q (Sierra or higher)

Quick-Save a File in Open Window -click on 'untitled' at top of window - (see how)

Drag-Drop Select Copy from any Webpage - drag drop onto Desktop as a 'Clipping' - can later be saved and printed by dropping it into any text document - (see example)

Rename Multiple Folders or Files - select all - right click - "Rename items ... " (see example)

Double-tap Spacebar to Insert Period - (Sierra) - System Preferences > Keyboard >Text > Enable the “Add period with double-space”

Open / Close Dashboard with 1 Click Again - System Prefs > Mission Control > select Dashboard as Overlay

Save Space on Dock - minimize windows into Application Icon - System Prefs > Dock > Minimize windows into application icon - see how

Reverse Colors 123 - greatly increase outdoor readability of your iPhone screen by pressing HOME button 3X rapidly - see how to set it up

Lock CAP Key on iPhone or iPad Keyboard - tap 2X quickly on SHIFT key for all CAPS - especially handy when typing multiple capital letters on keyboard - see example

Turn Off Auto Correct if it annoys you with wrong (and sometimes embarrassing) words - see how

Split Screen - view and work on two documents - see how

Screen Capture on your iPhone or iPad - press the Power button on edge and Home button together - a camera shutter sound will occur and an image of the entire screen will be found in your Photos folder.

iPhone Calculator - turn your screen sideways and it becomes a Scientific Calculator


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