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July 19, 2007

Agenda: Presentations - How to create and view multimedia shows on a Mac using various applications such as Keynote, PowerPoint, iPhoto, NeoOffice, AppleWorks

Five people attended this meeting: Joe Y, Nancy C, Don H, Jack H and Tom B. Once again we enjoyed the wonderful new Hammondsport Library facility (see website). BTW, if anyone can help solve the mystery of the library website not displaying correctly on macs, please let me know. Lisa, the librarian who designed the site using Frontpage on a PC, asked for our help in fixing the glitch (which is a large floating table shape blocking parts of the top of the page). Any ideas? E-mail us with your guesses.

A demo was given of how to create a presentation using PowerPoint for Mac. Digital pictures were taken of the group by passing a camera around the table. A slideshow was created in PowerPoint, inserting the pictures, as well as text and Chrome artwork created with Corel Painter X. (Read a recent review of Corel Painter X.)

Microsoft Powerpoint 2004 ( MS Office for Mac - $399 / $149 student)

Apple Keynote 3 (included in iWork'06 - $79) - requires G4 (use Keynote 2 in iWork '05 for G3)

NeoOffice - Download 139MB - absolutely free! Create, edit and present PowerPoint shows on Mac. Be sure to add this NeoOffice patch also (4MB).

Microsoft PowerPoint 98 Viewer (runs on Mac OS Classic or OS 9 - Download 6.4mb ) - this freeware lets you view and play any Powerpoint presentation (but cannot edit).

AppleWorks 6 - still works great in OS8.1 to OSX 10.5 - create slideshow presentations

PowerPoint Tips
---- Change the file ending .ppt to .pps to make it launch immediately as a show.
---- Add a Soundtrack to play during an entire PowerPoint Show - see how here.
---- Convert a Powerpoint presentation to Keynote without losing formatting (use PDF) - see how here.

iPhoto Tips
---- Play several different songs with an iPhoto slideshow - see how here.
---- Reverse rotate picture in iPhoto (hold option)

How to create Chrome names
with Painter (see examples here)
--------- in OS Classic mode using Painter 4 (tutorial here)
--------- in OS Classic mode using Painter X (tutorial here)

Painter 4 by Fractal Design (10MB) - released in 1995 but still works in OS9, OS Classic - check on eBay or download demo installer here.

Painter X by Corel (30-day free trial) Download - 102mb - requires G4

iConiCal 1.3 - set your dock iCalendar to the correct day - Download 5.3MB

PDF to Keynote - freeware to convert PDF-based presentations to Keynote w/o losing format (217k). You can save a Powerpoint document as PDF, than convert it to Keynote without risking format changes.

Next meeting: Thursday, August 23, 2007 - focus will be

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