December 1, 2014 - Hammondsport Mac Users Group

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My internet connection drops off repeatedly and my iMac seems slow with lots of spinning beach balls of death.

SOLUTION - - - read article 'Why is my Mac running so slow?' Also maybe try different DNS Numbers - try using free public DNS numbers which meet all the standards - these can be changed in System Prefs>Network> Wifi or Ethernet tabs > advanced - read how and why at

Do I need anti-virus software on my Mac?

SOLUTION - - - here is the most refreshing answer we have found (from Gary at

I hate the constant pop-up ads when I browse the internet
or try to read an article on-line.

SOLUTION - - - Try installing the free Adblock for Safari and Adblock Plus for Firefox - these browser extensions let you zap pop-up ads so they will not come back.

I am getting more confused by all the syncing going on between my iPad, iPhone, Mac and iCloud.

SOLUTION - - - watch How to Use iCloud - also read about Continuity Activation Tool which enables Handoff on Older Macs at MacRumors

Something called MacKeeper keeps telling me I have thousands of malware problems on my Mac.

SOLUTION - - - avoid MacKeeper - discussion on Apple forum - read how to uninstall MacKeeper - read updated article about issues created by MacKeeper such as slow mac.

Apple TV remote keeps activating my Mac's iTunes app and plays music without any input from me.

SOLUTION - - - disable your Mac's infrared receiver - read how

How can I edit my website's html files and then upload them to my website host ?

SOLUTION - - - use free TextWrangler to make editing changes to html files; then use Cyberduck (free FTP application) to upload the edited files to your websites (see John's site )

I cannot locate my Contacts in Yahoo Mail since they revised the format.

SOLUTION - - - the Contacts icon is located on the left just below the words 'Yahoo Mail'

Is there an easy way to copy all the e-mail addresses in my Address Book on my Mac to my Yahoo Mail or Gmail account?

SOLUTION - - - yes - open your Address Book, select a Group, go to File>Export vCard - then import the vCard into your Yahoo or Gmail contacts - see how-to steps

Is there a way to use my older printer with the latest OSX Yosemite?

SOLUTION - - - check on the manufacturer's website support page for possible updated drivers for Mac OS 10.10 - another solution might be to plug the older USB printer into an Apple Airport Base Station to share wirelssly with household computers; (Tom uses an ancient 2001 HP Deskjet 940c Printer plugged into the USB port of an Airport Exreme Base Station (model A1034) and it works fine wirelessly with a 2010 MBPro running Yosemite (use gutenprint v5.2.9 driver for 10.6.8 to 10.10 Yosemite)




Mac Basics 101 - find any topic on this Apple site

PC to Mac - The Basics - help for the person who has recently switched from PC to Mac

MacMost Videos - great resource of short videos (5-6 min each) by Gary Rosenzweig - some examples:

- - - 15 Useful Pages at You Might Not Know About

- - - - translate phrases into different languages (similar to Babelfish)

- - - Private Browsing - why?

- - - Mission Control - how it helps on a crowded desktop

- - - Capturing the Screen - also use Grab utility


STARTUP KEY COMBOS - alternate ways to boot up your Intel-based Mac for various purposes (including CD, DVD, Apple Hardware Test, Zapping P-RAM, Verbose mode, Safe Boot, Single-User mode, Target Disk Mode and Recovery)




- view and access all your apps in a single small window

- free HTML editor

- free FTP (File Transfer Protocol) app



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